Mobile Media - Taxi Advertising Price List

Effective July 1, 2009

Common Packages

Metro Intro Pak 12 ads $85 ea $1,020.00 mo.
Metro Buzz Pak 25 ads $75 ea $1,875.00 mo.
Metro Saturation Pak 50 ads $65 ea $3,250.00 mo.
Metro Blast Pak 100 ads $55 ea $5,500.00 mo.
  • Rates are per ad per month based on a 12 month commitment.
  • Placement, illuminated roof top either right or left side or rear facing.
  • Rates apply to “ad-vision” sedan rear windows and van side windows (add 20% for size)
  • Interior displays also available rates start at $15.00 per cab per month.
  • Prices and terms subject to change.


PSA vinyl ad posters 14"x 44" $35 ea.
Window vinyl "ad-vision" rear windows 22"x 60" $65 ea.
van side windows 24"x 85" $85 ea.
  • Graphic artwork $50. per hour (1 hour min.)
  • Artwork supplied by customer must be 300dpi res or higher.
  • All prints unconditionally guaranteed colorfast for 2 years.


  • 1 to 3 month commitments prepaid.
  • 6 and 12 month commitments, 20% deposit, balance billed monthly.
  • We accept all major credit/debit cards.
  • We pay agency rate commissions to recognized ad agencies.
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